Erdinger Weissbier 5,3% 12x0,5L

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12x 0,5L bottle (1 L = €3.10)
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Erdinger mit Feiner Hefe is a classic southern German Weissbier, i.e. wheat beer.

More than 50% wheat malt has been used for the production and the production has followed the regulations given in the German Reinheitsgebot (=beer purity law) in 1516.

The wheat malt used to make Erdinger Weissbier comes exclusively from self-produced wheat.

The beer is unfiltered and the beer is stored for 3-4 weeks in the bottle before it leaves the brewery.

The color is white and fuzzy, the foam is strong and white.

The taste is lightly fruity, with a subtle hint of apple and banana.

Goes well with light dishes, salad and fish.

  • Model
  • 500026203
  • Alcohol
  • 5,3%
  • Country
  • Germany
  • Packaging
  • 12x 0,5L bottle
  • Weight
  • 6.00 kg
12x 0,5L bottle (1 L = €3.10)
12x 0,5L bottle (1 L = €3.10)
12x 0,5L bottle (1 L = €3.10)
12x 0,5L bottle (1 L = €3.10)
12x 0,5L bottle (1 L = €3.10)
12x 0,5L bottle (1 L = €3.10)
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