Frequently asked questions

How the ordering system works?
You can easily choose the preferred products on our website and pay for the order.
Then transportation should be ordered separately from the transportation company of your choice.
Clients use different shipping companies. More detailed description about transportation is found HERE.
How fast is the shipping?
We are not involved in the shipping. Transportation has to be organised by the client.
Goods are ready to be picked up 24 hours after the payment has received.
Our clients have said that usually delivery time to Finland has been 1-2 weeks.
How much is the shipping?
You can calculate an indicative price for transportation using the freight counter found on our website but they vary from one company to another.
You can also see indicative transportation prices HERE.
Can I pick up the order myself?
Yes of course. You can pick up the products from our warehouse at Trollbrettkoppel 8, 23774 Heiligenhafen, Germany.
How are the prices so good?
It is because our client base is very big.
How would I need to pay?
You can pay either via Montonio (fast payment), via Klarna (fast payment), via Maksekeskus or via advanced payment.
More information is found HERE and also when you are going to make the payment at the end of shopping.
Are the taxes paid on the products?
All prices include all German alcohol taxes and VAT.
Are there any extra fees?
We charge an 8.00 EUR packaging surcharge for orders under 75.00 EUR.
Is there any age limit to order?
Yes, you have to be at least 20 years old to make an order.
Do I have to pay taxes in my home country?
Depending on the country of destination, you should normally file a tax declaration yourself with the tax authorities of your home country within 2 to 4 days of receiving the goods at the latest. You can access the instructions given by the Finnish tax authority regarding ordering alcohol from HERE. Also, you can ask about tax matters directly from the local tax office.
What I have to do after I paid for the order?
You have to organise the transportation. Then the transportation company will pick up products from our warehouse and will deliver them to you.
If I paid for the transportation, then how they know when to come?
They will contact us after your order. Products are ready to be picked up 24 hours after the payment has received.
Is ordering alcohol online legal?
Yes as long you are at least 20 years old. The Finnish authorities have ruled that buying alcohol from abroad is legal, as long as the buyer arranges a separate delivery independently. This is called distance purchase.
You can read more about it HERE, which gives you information about ordering alcohol from abroad.