Is ordering legal?

Is ordering alcohol online in 2023 legal or not to Finland?

Buying alcohol online in 2023 is still completely legal under certain conditions.
Ordering alcohol from Nettidrinks is in accordance with Finnish law.

The following conditions must be met so that ordering alcohol online is in accordance with Finnish law and ordering is legal.
All these conditions are met when you order from Nettidrinks!

  1. The buyer can choose the transport option he wants.
  2. The buyer has the option to pick up his order himself from our pick-up warehouse in Germany.
  3. The buyer can agree on the transport with the transport company of his own choice. Nettidrinks is not involved in transport contracts.
  4. The seller does not define its delivery conditions on behalf of the transport company. You make the transport contract with the transport company yourself.

The sale of alcohol to Finland that meets these conditions is permitted and legal (Helsinki district court decision R 09/5991).

In addition, the working group of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has stated in its memo,  e.g. the following after the decision of the Helsinki District Court:

  • The seller must hand over the alcoholic beverages to the buyer or to a representative indicated by him, for example a transport company, outside the borders of Finland.
  • There must be a separate contractual relationship between the buyer and the transport company, and the buyer must pay the transport company separately for the transport.
  • The drinks must be transported directly to the customer in Finland, not, for example, to the seller's interim warehouse.
  • The free movement of goods between member states is one of the basic principles of the European Union. 
    Pursuant to Article 34 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (hereinafter TFEU), quantitative restrictions on imports between member states and all similar measures are prohibited.

The conditions mentioned above confirm the previous decision of the Helsinki District Court.